Current exhibitions

The Ghent Altarpiece revealed !


The restoration of the ‘Lamb of God’ altarpiece is a unique project. An important exhibition is...

The Call of the Rockies - Pieter Jan De Smet and the Indian tragedy


As a missionary working among the Indians of the Columbia Plateau and the Plains, Jesuit Pieter...

'Mystic Music' temporary Ghent Altarpiece exhibition


There is no exact information about the music being performed on the panels of the Ghent...

The monumental setting of this unique exhibition space and its highly distinctive light effect create an atmosphere that makes every visit an unforgettable experience.

Past exhibitions

This double exhibition gives an impression of the vibrant cinema culture of the past century and focuses on this unique yet underexposed cultural heritage, both in the city of Ghent and overseas in American society.

This summer, Kamagurka will be pulling out all the stops, in order to present the broadest possible picture of his artistic exuberance at an exhibition entitled Kamagurka In 't Echt (Kamagurka For Real).

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"Rest in peace" "Requiescat in pace"

Since 2011, Titus Simoens has been working on a series of pictures of school pupils under strict regimes.