The Ghent Altarpiece

Autumn 2012 sees work begin on the restoration of the ‘Lamb of God’ altarpiece by the Brussels-based Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage. The work itself will be carried out at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent over a period of five years. The Ghent Altarpiece is probably the best-known masterpiece of the Flemish Primitives. It was completed in 1432 and painted by Jan van Eyck and his older brother, Hubert. The work was commissioned by Joos Vijd, a senior alderman of the city of Ghent. To mark the occasion of this unique restoration, an important exhibition is being staged to focus on this masterpiece at the Caermersklooster  Provincial Cultural Centre. So although the public will not be able to view the Lamb of God itself in its entirety for a while in its usual surroundings, visitors will be able to learn more than ever before about this work of art during this exceptional period of its life.